Specialist in Marbella Property


There are certain logistical problems you'd typically have to solve in trying to furnish a new home when you're not around, such as choosing your furniture in the first place, and then ensuring deliveries can be admitted and that keys are in safe hands afterwards.

Furniture packs and all-in-one solutions

There are many companies offering furnishing packages with online catalogues and/or local showrooms, and these can be a great solution. You typically order a few weeks in advance, which is no problem when completing on a property; if you’re in a hurry, though, many companies offer really rapid turnaround and the “full service”, down to the last teaspoon!

The advantage of using such companies is that they can work with someone locally to ensure access to your property and to make sure everything is as it should be when you arrive, and you really end up doing very little to get to "fully furnished".

Interior design and tailor-made solutions

You don't have to stick to a set package. If you want something unique to you, there are tailormade furniture packs available which are not expensive. Also, why not consider employing an interior designer to get the best out of your new living space? Again it doesn't have to be too expensive.

Furthermore, you can rely on us to micro-manage the whole process for you, overseeing fittings and renovations however large or small. We can even take care of Sky satellite installation and gardening services, and send you update reports on how things are going.

Choosing the right companies

We are happy to recommend reputable local furniture companies, tradesmen, gardeners, builders and fitters, so please ask about the specific services you require