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Legal Advice

As an EU member state, Spain is a stable constitutional democracy with full legal recourse backed up by the European Court itself, and as an increasingly mature and professional real estate market, buying property in Marbella is actually a very straightforward, safe and transparent process - see our page on Buying a Property.

In spite of this it is still good practice, as anywhere, to use the services of a well-respected legal firm when purchasing a property, setting up a business or establishing your residential and fiscal status here.

When buying a home, a lawyer plays an important role in researching the property in question and confirming that all its documentation is in order and there are no debts outstanding against it. It is with this legal bill of health that you will have the peace of mind to proceed with the purchase and ultimately register the property in your name.

Your lawyer will also be able to help with this, assisting or representing you at the notary and also going along to record the home as your property at the registry. Should you wish, your lawyer can also open an account in your name, arrange debit orders for the payment of utilities and local taxes, as well as representing you in a variety of other situations.

The latter can include providing legal advice on how to structure rental contracts should you want to let the property out for short or long term periods, whilst also advising on your residential status, taxes, the setting up of companies and wills.

Having such a professional available to represent you in court if needed is as valuable here as it is anywhere else, especially if you are in business in Marbella and/or your local assets are considerable.

Law firms with a proven track record

Altavista Property works only with well-established companies that have a proven track record for professionalism and integrity – and these are the firms we recommend.

Naturally our clients are free to choose whichever representation they want, and if we can we will always be happy to offer feedback on your choice, but it should always be a reputable firm with a good track record and above all experience in property conveyance. Moreover, it really helps if they speak your language too.

Most law firms in Marbella also include legal specialists in company law, fiscal matters and financial services, or will be able to refer you to trusted colleagues, while Altavista Property is always available to offer advice and provide referrals to respected professionals to ensure that buying a property in Marbella is a safe, transparent and easy process.