Specialist in Marbella Property


Mortgages have been hard to come by since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, and though the Spanish banking system is returning to normal activity and mortgages are gradually becoming available again the terms remain strict.

This can make it difficult for individual buyers from abroad to obtain partial or full financing for their property purchase or investment in Marbella, so Altavista Property uses its high rating with local banks to obtain attractive mortgages on behalf of its clients. In fact, Altavista Property was the first company to secure 100% mortgages in the area and on such a scale.

In addition to such credentials as ISO 9001 accreditation, Altavista Property enjoys such standing and negotiating power among banks and property developers because of its track record as a leading marketer of Marbella properties to homebuyers and investors from abroad.

Our success rate in marketing luxury Marbella real estate developments internationally along with the quality of our clientele has led not only to our ability to negotiate attractive prices complete with financing, but also to ensure favourable terms and conditions. In addition, Altavista Property’s reputation as a specialist in this field has in many cases led us to be selected as the exclusive partners for the sale and promotion of leading developments in and around Marbella.

For this reason we are able to offer a top selection of stylish new Marbella properties at prices that are attractive to investors and come with favourable financing of up to 100%. What’s more, we can provide support during the entire mortgage process, ensuring that you can focus on finding the right property for you.

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