Now you can get a 100% mortgage on your new home when you buy an Altavista exclusive property in Marbella!

Altavista Property Mortgages

Mortgages for foreigners in Spain are typically 50-70%, but you can now get a 100% mortgage on your new home when you buy a new Altavista exclusive property.

How have we done it?

In short, it’s taken months of careful negotiation, but we’ve managed to secure a limited number of new, key-ready, 30-50% discounted prime properties with the unique benefit of 100% mortgages.

The properties we are offering are currently owned by the banks (ie they’re repossessions) or by developers whom the banks are financing. Banks are not in the real estate business; they are about loans. They would rather hold loans than real estate, hence why they have given the real estate to us. One of our conditions was 100% mortgages in place for our clients.

As we’ll only take on developments exclusively that the banks and developers have discounted to make them attractive enough for today’s market, the banks are more confident to lend against them. Thus they have (with some persuasion, it must be added) agreed to lend our qualifying clients the full purchase price. This is something not seen in Spain before for foreign buyers.

Why an Altavista 100% mortgage property is a smart investment today:

  • The properties are already 30-50% discounted
  • You can pay your mortgage off early with no penalty, saving even more
  • Money is currently the cheapest to borrow it’s been in living memory
  • Your mortgage is transferable should you decide to sell in the future when prices have risen, again at no cost
  • With the current clear signs of recovery, this is a timely opportunity for investors

What about other properties?

Of course, we can also help with mortgages on developments that aren’t Altavista exclusives, and on resales, where in both cases it is still possible to borrow 50-70% of the purchase price.


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