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Over the past decade Marbella - like many property markets - has moved from boom to recession and from a sellers market to a buyers market. Though it is fair to say that the recovery in Marbella has well and truly begun and demand for this region, its properties and its lifestyle is once again growing year-on-year, there are some universal truisms that apply whenever placing a property on the market.

Establishing an accurate market value

As homeowners we all tend to be proud of our own properties and are prone to attaching a higher value to them, but in the professional field accurate property valuations form the basis for finding a buyer. A property that is overpriced will remain on the market for a long time, so if you are serious about selling it is important to establish the right – market – value.

Our property valuers are experienced and honest. They understand that you are proud of your home, but it is neither in your or our interest to list a property that is not realistically priced, so while an asking price should always leave room for negotiation it shouldn’t be so high that it frightens off potential buyers altogether.

Attractive presentation of your property

When informing owners of the valuation and pointing out that it is based on, amongst a variety of other factors, the recent selling prices of similar properties in the same street or immediate area, we are often told 'yes, but my property is much better than all those others'. While such a sentiment is often based on the householders love for his home, we always work to ensure your home really does look its very best.

Presenting your home in an attractive way that will catch the eye of prospective buyers begins with engaging photography, intelligently written descriptions and a stylish, easy to use and high-ranking website, but also a comprehensive set of specs and amenities and a dossier with a full set of legally required documentation. In being able to provide accurate information that answers the questions of interested parties we pave the way for them to come and view the home for themselves.

This is a very important step in the process, and it is vital that we have reasonable access to the property - as people are seldom willing to wait for long periods of time before seeing a house – and that it is right for viewing. This is naturally a little more difficult in the case of properties that have either been empty for extended periods or are permanently lived in, but we always offer advice to homeowners on how to make their property look as attractive as possible for viewings. After all, you want prospective buyers to fall in love with the home and be able to picture themselves in it, and this may be more difficult to achieve if it is messy, cluttered or painted in unusual colours.

The key to successful marketing

If price and presentation are in order, then the pressure is on us to provide effective promotion of your property - the kind of promotion that will draw interest and make people want to know more. The attractive imagery, wording and information that we produce and use in our website, brochures and other marketing material is supported by powerful online and conventional marketing, as well as a growing database of clients and investors, and a network of local and international agents with whom we work together on a daily basis to bring supply and demand together. It is our high success rate in this that has earned us the confidence of homebuyers and vendors alike, so contact us and see what Altavista Property can do to successfully market your property.