About us.

Altavista Property was founded in 2009 and we quickly grew to become a specialist in the promotion of new real estate developments in the greater Marbella area. Through our reputation for understanding the market, including the wants and needs of our clients, we established ourselves as a market leader. 

We gained this position by utilising our own highly specialised sales and marketing platform to work with potential clients. Furthermore, as one of the only ISO9001 accredited real estate agencies in Marbella, Altavista Property holds a standard of consistency that others look up to – a standard maintained by our vigorous corporate procedures, outstanding product, and continuous staff training.

There are many property agents on the Costa del Sol, so why should you choose Altavista Property?

It’s a valid question and you wouldn’t find us saying that we’re the only good estate agents in Marbella, but Altavista Property does belong to a select group of companies that ranks among the very best.

We belong to this group of leading real estate agents because we have worked very hard to be considered – by clients and peers alike – as a serious, professional company that puts its expertise at the disposal of its clients. Regardless of whether you are in the market for a holiday apartment, a luxurious villa or a significant investment opportunity, we can help you.

Our track record speaks for itself, and has made us a serious partner for the most important real estate developers and financial entities in this area, which in turn enables us to negotiate the kind of prices, financing and purchasing conditions that put you, the buyer first.

Altavista Property is a company that understands the contemporary property market and how best to promote and market homes both locally and abroad, yet at the heart of all this there must be a commitment to buyer and seller alike.

Ours is first and foremost a service industry, and we provide a service to both parties. Indeed, our job is to bring vendor and buyer together, if the property, the price, and the conditions are right.

We take this task seriously and use not only modern marketing tools, but management structures and technology to be highly effective and efficient. Also never forget that real estate is not about marketing, nor even about houses – it’s about providing people with a personal service.

Contact us with your property requirements and test our way of working for yourself.