Reasons to buy – Why live in Marbella?

1203, 2020

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We have been based in Marbella for many years, so could expound on this topic for days if given the chance! There really are so many compelling reasons to live in this special part of Spain that it is hard to be succinct, however here’s our attempt.

Agreeable year-round climate

This bears emphasising, as many of those who live here take for granted that we can leave home without a jacket on most days of the year. If you are arriving from a northern country, however, it can be hard to conceive that the temperatures are almost permanently agreeable in Marbella – even though you will still see locals bundled up in winter coats while tourists frolic in the sea in November!

Ideal for family life

Undoubtedly, there can be few better places in which to bring up children. With a wide range of local and international schools to choose from, a superb education can be gained alongside lazy post-school afternoons on the beach. Most children growing up here will be at least bilingual, with four or even five language households not uncommon, so youngsters grow up with a wider knowledge of different cultures and an open mind that can be hard to instil in mono-cultured countries. They learn from an early age to interact with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Healthy lifestyle
With the great climate comes a greater desire to be outdoors, so it’s easier to be fit and healthy. Golf is one of the main attractions on the Costa del Sol and can be enjoyed almost year round. The beautiful Andalusian hills and mountains are ideal for trekking, hiking and mountain-biking, whereas the Mediterranean Sea offers a myriad of fun possibilities, from surfing and diving to just having fun splashing at the seashore.

Eat around the world

While the Costa del Sol’s Mediterranean cuisine is famous for being healthy and wonderfully varied, Marbella and its surroundings are also home to a superb range of gourmet experiences – from two-star Michelin restaurants to trendy food-truck events. A town that definitely punches above its foodie weight, there is an astonishing variety of the world’s cuisine on offer here.

We would love to tell you more about why you should buy a property in Marbella, but there are just so many we can’t possibly fit them all in here. Call our office and we will help you find a property to suit your new Marbella lifestyle.