Game_Of_Thrones_Renovation_2011_Iron_Chair_BackviewFans of the fantasy television series ‘Game of Thrones’ living in Spain could hardly believe it when the international and local media announced that US production company HBO were scouting in Andalucía for film locations for the forthcoming fifth series. It should also please any businesses with an interest in the tourist trade, including property owners. Briefly, Game of Thrones is a tale set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, which bears a similarity to the kingdoms of medieval Europe. The story commences with the aftermath of a civil war and centres on the complex relationships and conflicts between the various ruling houses of each kingdom. Each of these has a distinct geographical appearance and the producers chose Northern Ireland as the principle location for Westeros, with other European countries playing a role as other kingdoms. It is expected that Andalucía will form the background for the Kingdom of Dorne. Dorne is described as the hottest region of Westeros and the only kingdom that is predominantly arid. It is a place where lemons and olives grow, is a wine producer and also famous for its breed of horse called a sand steed. Dorne certainly sounds like Spain. The similarity is great news for Andalucía. Interest in the locations where the series is filmed has already bolstered tourism figures in Northern Ireland by 32% and has contributed around £82 million to the local economy. Croatia, Malta, Iceland and Morocco have also had a fair sprinkle of the ‘Game of Thrones’ fairy dust that boosts employment and tourism. 640px-Patio_de_las_doncellas Northern Irish tour companies are doing a booming business in organising coach tours of the various movie locations and Carlos Rosado, Head of the Andalucía Film Commission, expects the same to happen here. However, so far the actual locations are being kept under wraps. There is confident speculation in the Spanish media that the Alcázar of Sevilla, with its sunken gardens, reflecting pool and courtyard, is a definite location. It’s always exciting to see a place you know and love up on the big screen and no doubt, when series five airs in 2015 ‘Game of Thrones’ will have gained a whole new set of fans in Andalucía and across Spain.  So, if you aren’t a fan yet, you still have a few months to catch up and become one!