Foot(ball) + Golf = great fun!

golf_football If you haven’t heard of Footgolf yet you soon will, for this fun combination of football and golf is proving a hit with people on the Costa del Sol looking for exercise, fresh air and team spirit. It’s so simple, it was just waiting to be invented, and like most inspired ideas Footgolf has taken off quickly, starting in North America and Europe, and now already spreading to Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. Basically, Footgolf is just the same as golf – with the exception that you use a full-sized football and (your soccer skills) on an adapted course, with the classic aim of getting it into the (naturally bigger) Footgolf hole in as few kicks as possible. Teeing off involves a choice of a good old-fashioned long ball or a deftly placed low-rolling shot. Here you will try to place the ball as close to the green as possible, whilst avoiding the ever-present obstacles and water features – just as you would in golf. On approaching the green the best policy is a well-measured low kick that brings the ball right up to the hole – or if you’re particularly skilled/lucky, in it! As in golf, the job of putting requires concentration, so tap the ball with the side of your foot if you want to adjust the roll of the ball for the gradient, or gently toe-poke the ball in a straight line to the hole. You’ll find that each hole presents new variations and challenges, not to mention each course you are let loose on. Good, healthy exercise yet not nearly as taxing as a real football match, with all its running around, Footgolf is not only a fun team or individual sport and a great way to spend part of a morning or afternoon, but it’s also a great way for former players to rekindle their love for the ball. Suitable for all ages above eight, it isn’t a sport restricted to manly men or skilled footballers, but also great fun for ladies, children and those who’ve never touched a football before. So find your local Footgolf club or association and join in the many tournaments and competitions or simply book a round with friends – it’s a top form of easy-going fitness and competition rolled into one!

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