Free WiFi for all in Spain’s airports

wi-fiThe time spent hanging around in airports always seems to feel like a waste, kicking your heels while waiting for the next leg of a journey. The food is expensive, the drinks are expensive and, lo and behold, a WiFi connection longer than 30 minutes comes at a price too. But that is about to change. In an unprecedented move, Spain’s national airport authority has announced plans to roll out free WiFi at every one of its 46 airports, as well as two helicopter ports. In an official statement, AENA said it would also quadruple the current speed of the internet service on offer to passengers. The agency will now launch a bidding process in order to contract a company for a two-year period by October, aiming to make the free service available throughout the country two months later. The announcement is music to the ears of expats who regularly fly back to their country of origin, those who travel for work and of course tourists. The free service will almost certainly be combined with a paid-for premium service, which already exists for passengers in need of higher connection speeds. G-OZBR_A321_Monarch_(6234772539)“Offering free Internet access via WiFi in airports is yet another step in Aena’s commitment to the development of digital passenger services,” read the statement. Its smartphone application is another vital step, allowing passengers to keep on top of flight times, check-in and boarding gates as well as reserve airport parking spaces. The AENA app also has the option to book seats in VIP lounge areas and offers information on every possible topic you could encounter when travelling. At the moment, Málaga airport, along with many other Spanish airports, offers 30 minutes of free WiFi through its contract with Kubi Wireless. The firm won the AENA contract to provide an initial 15 minutes of free WiFI to passengers at 28 airports back in April 2013, and it was later increased to 30 minutes. But now AENA is keen to show it is determined to keep moving forward technologically, and offer those flying in and out of Spain the best experience possible.

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