Marbella CentrumMarbella is hoping to change legislation on small renovation licences and allow residents in Marbella to make small property repairs without the need of applying for a licence. Currently renovation projects, regardless of how small, must be presented to the town hall for approval. New legislation will allow renovations up to €6,000 to take place without the need of applying for a licence. The town hall currently charges a fixed five percent tax on the cost of the building quote. The local government who proposed the measure claim the move will encourage residents to do more repairs and will therefore help generate more employment, especially for small local businesses. According to government figures, eliminating the licence process and the equivalent five percent tax on small building works will lose the town hall €200,000 per year. However it will give the planning staff at the town hall more time to concentrate on issuing licences for much bigger, more substantial projects. This will also apply to commercial property in Marbella, although any commercial business must be in possession of an opening licence before renovation can go ahead. This is good news for investors who want to make renovations to their properties in order to sell or rent out. Spanish Property With investor interest growing, Marbella is proving more popular as it offers a non-EU resident looking for a portfolio opportunity residency into the country. It is also a good opportunity for a second holiday home as there is a large variety of properties currently on the market. Marbella is the place where sales grew the highest in Spain last year as a percentage, according to news agency SUR. The figures show a 23 percent increase last year and sales volumes are now approaching pre-crisis levels.