All over Spain the effects of the Partido Popular’s stringent budget are being felt, but there is still some good news amongst all the austerity measures. Residents of Marbella are delighted to learn that the coast’s railway network may yet be extended as far as the city, after it was announced that the PP government will be focusing its attention on improving the country’s railway system. Despite cutting 50 per cent from the previous administration’s public spending budget, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is determined to make public transport a priority. This investment by the Ministry of Public Works will include 682,000€ for a feasibility study that will consider the extension of the current railway line from Fuengirola to Marbella. The local press has questioned the necessity for such a preliminary study, stating that an identical survey has already been undertaken under the previous PSOE government and the Junta de Andalucía has announced that it will thoroughly co-operate with this process by handing over all the documentation relating to all surveys conducted on the proposed Fuengirola to Marbella rail extension. Plans have been formulated over the past decade or so to improve the Costa del Sol’s transport infrastructure; the Autopista del Sol has already considerably alleviated traffic flow during the busiest times of the year and the eagerly awaited San Pedro bypass is now nearing completion and is expected to be opened very shortly. Naturally, a railway line linking Málaga with Marbella will help the flow of traffic still further, tempting both locals and holidaymakers to take the train rather than undertake their journey by car. Hopefully, improvements made in the next few years will result in increased efficiency in the Costa del Sol’s rail and road networks. Michael Liggan of Altavista Property Spain says: “This is fantastic news for the whole of the coast. When people make the decision to invest in a second home here, they will do so in the knowledge that travel will be much easier – and much more pleasant. In the past couple of weeks we have heard some great news about the San Pedro bypass, which will massively help the situation in and around the Marbella area, and with a rail link as well, traffic flow will be much better. The fact that the government has elected to dedicate money to the public transport system even in an austerity budget shows that the PP is committed to solving some of Spain’s most pressing infrastructure issues.”