At Altavista Property, we aim to provide potential clients with the information they require to make an informed decision upon whether or not to invest in Spanish property. Bearing these goals in mind, we have decided to produce this Spanish property infographic in an attempt to provide research and statistics explaining in the simplest terms why the Spanish market offers such fantastic investment opportunities. As we know, the Spanish property market has experienced multiple difficulties throughout the past decade, due mainly to the eurozone crisis of 2007. However, as recovery begins, we want to show potential investors what they stand to gain from investing in the country’s property market. With house prices beginning to return to pre-recession values and foreign investors flooding back to the country, we aim to make as many people as possible aware of the potential investment opportunities available to them. With the introduction of Spain’s “Golden Visa”, and the renewed growth of markets in the Balearics and certain areas of the Costa del Sol, the time has never been better to pick up a discounted property before prices begin to soar once more. Many property experts agree that Spain looks to be one of the most rewarding places to invest in property at this moment in time and investors seem to be taking heed of this, with investor confidence in Spain reportedly hitting an all time high earlier this year. Foreign investment in Spain’s housing market in 2013 was the highest for nearly ten years, at €6.45 billion, 16 percent up on the previous year. Bearing all this in mind, we encourage potential investors to take a look at the infographic and use the statistics that it provides to make a decision upon whether Spanish property is the right investment for you. But remember, with interest in investment rapidly increasing, it is only a matter of time before prices are close to their pre-recession values. Embed Spanish Property Infographic on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

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