Spanish Superstitions – Is 2013 an unlucky year?

The number 13 has been included in superstitions for hundreds of years, so as we settle into the year 2013, it’s no surprise that Spanish superstitions have been a hot topic here this month! So why is 13 thought to be an unlucky number? There are numerous theories as to why the number 13 is said to be unlucky for some. Many suggest that because there are 12 numbers on the clock, 12 months in a year and 12 signs of the zodiac etc that 13 is an uneven number which has evolved into being unlucky. In many parts of the world, Friday 13th is said to be an unlucky date, however here in Spain it’s actually Tuesday 13th that is thought to be unlucky. The saying goes “Martes 13: ni te cases, ni te embarques,” which means “Don’t get married on Tuesday 13th, nor board a ship or plane.” Here are some other interesting superstitions in Spain, which are said to be unlucky:

  • Leaving your handbag on the floor could mean your money will run away
  • Dropping a loaf of bread on the ground or placing it upside down could bring bad luck
  • Putting a hat on the bed means something bad could happen
  • Starting the day on your left foot could bring misfortune

However, not all superstitions are necessarily bad. Here are few of our favourite Spanish superstitions that are said to bring good luck:

  • When wine is spilt, you must immediately dab a little on your forehead for good luck. If it was champagne you should touch it with the tip of your finger and place it on the earlobe for eternal happiness
  • Saying “Bless you” or “Jesús” when someone sneezes is said to keep away infection
  • Throwing rice at a wedding is thought to bring happiness and fertility
  • Putting a cactus on the windowsill is said to be a powerful protector against bad spirits

So will 2013 be an unlucky year or is it just a number? We don’t believe in bad luck and despite superstition about the number 13, we certainly know that the favourable prices and 100 per cent mortgages on many bank owned properties make 2013 a great time to buy property in Marbella. For more information visit the Altavista Property website or call +34 952 799 360 or +44 2032 900007

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