Top ten reasons to buy in Marbella

It's not difficult to see why people like buying properties in Marbella, but here are ten of the main reasons why it consistently ranks at the top.

Marbella – Land of Opportunity

At Altavista Property we're not just passionate about Marbella Property we're also passionate about Marbella. With the stories in the media rarely matching the reality of life in this wonderful town by the Mediterranean, we decided to make this short video to illustrate why we love Marbella. Hopefully after watching it, you will too!

Walks around the Costa del Sol

The cooler temperatures but mostly sunny blue skies found on the Costa del Sol during the winter months can combine to create the ideal climate for exploring some different areas, away from the beaches, palm trees and tourist hot spots. Pack a bottle of water and some snacks, pull on your comfy walking shoes and take a hike on a recognised walking trail to see a whole different side to this area of Spain.

Traffic Free Marbella

One idea being considered is to create a pedestrian only area right in the centre of Marbella. It has been proposed that 600 metres of Avenida Ricardo Soriano and Ramón y Cajal (the two main arterial streets running through the centre of the city) be closed off to traffic to produce a focal point for social and retail activities. This car-free zone would allow for a free-flowing concentration of restaurants, cafes and shops supported by green spaces and cultural activities, thus adding to Marbella’s well-established café society.

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Sierra Blanca – Opulence between sea and mountains

Residents of the Costa del Sol can often be heard chatting about the microclimate that affects Marbella and ensures its year-round mild and temperate weather. This unusual weather pattern, which keeps wind to a minimum and protects the town from extreme climatic highs and lows is created by the Sierra Blanca.