Malaga province

Foreign residents make Malaga Province buck Spanish population trend

With a growth of over 8,500 people over the previous year, Malaga is one of just five provinces in Spain that is bucking the current demographic trend, drawing on an increase in new foreign residents to become the fastest growing part of Spain. Property sales to foreign buyers are rising again, and as a significant proportion of the new homeowners are moving down fulltime it is the British, Scandinavians, Dutch, Belgians, French and Russians who are currently driving the population growth of this region.

Malaga’s Dedicated Pioneers of Fashion

Although most fashionistas are aware that high street fashion leader, Zara, is a Spanish company and that the country is the birthplace of many top designers, including haute couture icons Paco Rabanne, Manolo Blahnik and Cristóbal Balenciaga, fewer people know of Málaga’s contribution to the industry. According to the Extenda Andalusian Foreign Promotion Agency, Málaga …

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