Marbella Club

New Altavista video about buying property in Marbella

You hear so much negative information about Spain that we thought we should set the record straight. We’re the last to say everything is hunky dory, but the message brought across in the press is often simplified and one-sided. As people who have lived and worked in the Marbella area for many years we know the local economy and especially the property market very well.

Marbella for a family holiday with Bling? Is that it?..

Heads up to the Daily Telegraph for singing the praises of Marbella as a perfect family holiday hotspot. Author Judith Woods´ article following her family stay at The Marbella Club has certainly stimulated dialogue on both sides of the water and quite a mixed commentary it is. Much seems to relate to the price of Mrs Wood´s stay as not many families can afford a short break (4 days) at a place like The Marbella Club that works out to over…