Port in Puerto Banus It’s been quite a year on the Costa del Sol; indeed it has been the best year we can remember since the market took a tumble in 2008. In the end it has taken under six years for the Spanish property market, especially on the Costa del Sol, to turn the corner and head for growth once again. We know that overseas buyers are back: it’s not a myth made up by real estate agents, but a well-documented fact. Indeed in 2014 purchases by non-residents exceeded those in 2007, the high-rolling year before the recession hit. At the moment, overseas buyers are responsible for one in every two property buys in Málaga province as a whole. Before the downturn, Spanish buyers still significantly outnumbered the foreigners, but now they account for 6,389 properties, with foreigners purchasing 4,739 homes in 2014. Part of the reason for the healthy recovery figures is the fact that prices are still very advantageous for overseas buyers, many of whom have been able to capitalise on recovering economies in their own countries. In the case of the strong return of the British buyer, they are currently benefiting from a favourable sterling to euro exchange rate that offers great value for money in Spain and increases their buying power. Marbella1 Swedish buyers are also among the top overseas clients, and we are seeing a surge in buyers from the Benelux countries too, with an unprecedented number of Belgians choosing to buy second residences on the Costa del Sol. In the meantime, this increasingly diversified market has also witnessed strong demand from French and Arab buyers, as well as a significant upturn in interest from the US and China. It all means that this is a prime moment to buy property on the Costa del Sol. We cannot be sure how long prices will maintain these levels, as they are already beginning to rise in places, but the renewed demand will push them up eventually. Bearing this advice in mind, now is the best time possible for you to visit us and look at our property portfolio; we have wonderful properties and investment opportunities to suit every budget.