What are people looking for in a property these days?

marbella property market We have a good idea of what that would be in London, less so in Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro, but when it comes to Marbella and the Costa del Sol we have been finding people homes for long enough to be able to say we do know what people are looking in a property. In fact, at Altavista Property we pride ourselves on getting it right, not just because we can offer many of the best properties and new developments on the market at any time, but also because we listen to people and use the information they individually and collectively give us. This builds up to a body of knowledge that is every bit as important as what we call local knowledge; i.e. an in-depth knowledge of the Marbella property market, the different residential areas, lifestyles, price levels and property types, to name just a few things. Each person has individual needs and preferences, and is treated accordingly, but put together a picture emerges as to the current trends that are driving the market. Here are some of the most important things mentioned: AVR3261 - Villa - El Capitan - 05Design – By now the picture is clear. Enough people are asking for modern style properties for it to be a definite trend. On the whole this means crisp, whitewashed walls with open-plan interiors and large glass windows to let natural light and views in, not to mention the latest in designer kitchens and bathrooms. Technology – While not everybody can afford – or even wants – a fully comprehensive home automation system that controls everything from the locks and security system to the shutters, temperature, light settings, irrigation and audio system, a property that has at least some of these features will find favour. Wifi, satellite television and air conditioning are a minimum requirement these days. location propertyLocation – An age-old question with an answer that seldom varies. The prime locations continue to be near the sea, though many longer-term residents gradually move a little inland, where you can get more house and space for your money, and golf and mountain vistas can be every bit as stunning as sea views. Amenities – Overall the new trend is towards more modern but also more compact villas with gardens and pool areas that are not only stylish but also easier to maintain. There still is a demand for expansive mansions, but many of our buyers are now favouring luxury and style in a more compact package. Features such as home cinemas are gradually evolving into integrated entertainment/games room complete with bar, while the latest wine cellars feature glass walls and LED lighting to become design objects in their own right. Altavista Property - Alamar (blog)Price – While most buyers are still in search of – and attracted by – great opportunities with good investment potential, the clamour for ‘rock-bottom’ distressed properties has died down. People realise the local market has long since bottomed out, demand is strong, prices stabilised or already edging upwards and distressed properties are now few and far between in Marbella. Please contact us if you have any special requests or would like more information about buying properties on the Costa del Sol.