A Little Geranium Flowers in Marbella

Fresh rosemary with fresh garlic on wooden backgroundSome of you may be familiar with the Little Geranium restaurant in La Cala de Mijas. TV chef Steve Saunders opened it in 2015 and during the first two years it has attracted many dedicated fans who love its atmosphere and its excellent menu. Steve Saunders has been awarded a Michelin star in the past and was a regular chef on the TV show ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ He has also written ten cookery books and his former restaurant, the Pink Geranium in Cambridge, served British royalty alongside other well-known patrons.   Saunders was a leader in the move to offering more organic ingredients and his menu at the Little Geranium reflects his passion for healthy food that is fresh and well priced. Now he is opening another Little Geranium on Marbella’s Golden Mile, opposite the Marbella Club Hotel and next door to Dani García’s latest opening, so that more people can enjoy his gastronomic philosophy. What’s more he has brought in two chefs – Matthew Donaldson and Aaron Sanlon – from Northern Ireland to oversee the kitchen.   Guests will be able to see the chefs preparing food at the new venue and Saunders hopes it will provide a welcoming feeling of being in the middle of a kitchen. The new venue is located in a small house rather than in a large commercial space, which promises to give it an intimate and exclusive ambience. Lovers of the colour pink will be pleased as that is the predominant tone, and it’s a nod to Saunders’ Cambridge business. Mijas_puebloIn an interview with Mijas TV, Saunders revealed that the new restaurant would be more formal than the one in La Cala de Mijas and that even more attention to detail is required for such a prestigious location as Marbella.   His Northern Irish chefs come with impeccable credentials and both have worked for other Michelin-starred chefs, such as Michael Deane in Belfast. They met Steve Saunders through Steve’s wife Michelle and mutual friends from school in Ireland. The pair decided that moving to Marbella would be an excellent opportunity to expand and explore their talents, and both are big admirers of Steve’s work.   The two Irish chefs plan to focus on local ingredients and are currently studying what is available here. They admitted that Spanish cuisine was new to them but said they were looking forward to becoming better acquainted with it and bringing some new techniques to the table. They promise it will be classic Michelin star food but with some new twists and it seems that many of the discussions pre-opening are about creating novel dish presentations.   The Little Geranium Marbella is opening in July 2017, although a date hasn’t been announced yet. We can’t wait for it to open!

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