Antonio_Banderas-840The Málaga-born actor announced this week that he is to take on a role dear to his heart – that of fellow Malagueño Pablo Picasso. Antonio Banderas is to star in a dramatisation for the National Geographic channel as part of the second series of ‘Genius’. The first series – about the life of Albert Einstein – was a great critical success and earned ten Emmy nominations including Best Actor for Geoffrey Rush and Outstanding Limited Series. Antonio Banderas is a proud son of the Andalusian capital and has recently been pictured in his fabulous Calle Alcazabilla apartment in the centre. He feels he is more than able to play Picasso given the fact that they both share the same birthplace and artistic temperament. The Genius series is to be directed by respected director Ron Howard and produced by Brian Glazer, both former Oscar winners. Malagueñans have taken the project to heart and were seen queuing up in their hundreds in at open casting for extras. Given that the project takes place in the period between 1890 – 1940 the scope was ample – men and women of the ages 16 to 60 were requested. Filming is due to begin on 2nd November and run until the 10th, with the location then being transferred to other places Picasso resided in Barcelona, Paris and Budapest. Picasso holds an enduring fascination with the public, and especially the citizens of Málaga, not just for the genius of his art but also for his complicated private life. He was a prolific artist who not only painted but was also a sculptor, ceramicist, stage designer and poet as well as being credited with co-founding the influential Cubist movement. The Picasso Museum in Málaga is rightly one of the must-see stops in what has become known as the City of Museums. The museum itself was an old palace surrounding a beautiful courtyard painstakingly restored to do justice to the works of art that range from amongst Picasso’s earliest works – there is an accomplished portrait he carried out when he was just fourteen years old – to those he executed into his old age in his nineties. Should you be looking for a palace or a holiday apartment, we have a great range of fabulous properties that we would be happy to discuss with you. Please contact us to see how we can help.