Bring on the New Year resolutions

Bring on the new year resolutions.

In other parts of Europe the month of January will often arrive accompanied by gloomy days, bad weather reports and a daunting feeling that all those resolutions you promised to keep won’t last for very long.

On the Costa del Sol it’s a whole different reality. The first week of each New Year ends in colourful Kings Day celebrations, weather conditions are normally sunny and warm, and those pesky pledges you decided to make somehow always seem like less of a chore in such a setting.

Of course, the special microclimate that exists in this part of southern Spain is a huge benefit when facing the winter months, the task of losing weight and taking up exercise.

Clearly, if you are about to tackle an early morning run for the first time in many years it’s easier to undertake in mild temperatures without frost on the ground.

However, there are other perfect factors in place on this part of the Spanish coast that enable the most reluctant of people to embrace a healthier lifestyle too.

Marbella and it’s neighbouring resort towns and villages are surrounded by a beautiful countryside and coastline brimming with natural facilities for exercising outdoors.

The landscape offers plenty of scope for gentle rambling or effusive hiking, with trails leading through the Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada National Park) and the wonderful Senda Litoral (Málaga Coastal Path).

If your resolution is to simply get out on the golf course more, then the Costa del Sol can provide an almost never ending choice of world class greens and fairways to play on. The hills above and around Marbella are home to some of the best courses in Europe and the panoramic views available from many a clubhouse will inspire anyone to better and greater things.

The very same terrain provides the produce that the healthy Mediterranean diet is built on – one of the healthiest yet most delicious on the planet. If there’s a hardship in having to eat freshly caught fish cooked in olive oil, herbs and spices, then life can’t be all that bad.

Marbella boasts an array of quality restaurants and cafés that use the food from the region to create superb cuisine, ensuring you don’t have to stay in whilst sticking to your new year’s renewed eating plans.

In this part of Andalucía it’s hard to find anyone suffering from the January blues and there are always plenty of distractions from that naughty daily glass of red wine.

If there was anywhere in the northern hemisphere that you could choose to face your new year resolution demons, surely it would be in sunny Marbella.

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