The changing buyer profile of the Costa del Sol

1203, 2020

The British market after Brexit British market strengthens after Brexit certainty The UK market has been one of the main sources of tourists and property buyers on the Costa del [...]

Who is buying on the Costa del Sol?

Altavista has built a reputation as one of a select group of real estate agents that can be relied upon to offer detailed knowledgeable advice as well as offering a high standard of properties to our clients.

We have been active in the rapidly evolving Marbella real estate sector for many years and pass this know-how onto our clients.

In just ten short years, the Costa del Sol has seen a great turn-around, from a community adjusting to a global financial downturn, to the flourishing, stable market it is today. Among the changes is the fact that, due to the many checks and balances that were put in place over the past few years, promotors and constructors are now backed by bank or insurance guarantees, meaning clients can buy new properties safe in the knowledge that their financial investment is secure.

Who is buying on the Costa del Sol?
Ten years ago, this would have been an easy question to answer. In addition to Spanish nationals, the greatest foreign demand came from the UK, with Germany just behind. The top two countries made up two thirds of demand for property, however, this profile has changed greatly over the intervening years, with Scandinavian, Dutch, Belgian and French buyers entering strongly into the market.

Clients once found out about our properties via national and local newspapers, magazines and the many property exhibitions that were held on a regular basis. The ‘Inspection Trip’ was a typical first step in deciding where and what to buy. Since then, there has been a marked change in buying methods, with the internet becoming the number one research resource for sales. Clients now arrive fully informed about the area that interests them; they have done their research and know what they are looking for. Most initial property searches are now done online, so it is vital that a professional real estate agent has a strong online presence.

One thing that will never change, however, is that professional advice from an agent with long experience in the area of your choice is priceless. We have been providing professional real estate services on the Costa del Sol for many years and feel we can offer a service that is second to none. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.