The Museum of the Imagination sends you back to your childhood

1802, 2020

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The Museum of the Imagination

It is rare to find a museum or gallery that is a perfect leisure destination for the whole family, but there is one that is welcoming and open for business in Málaga.
The southern Spanish city is now known for being so much more than just an airport destination, and its historic centre offers many reasons why people should pay a visit. Now there is yet one more.

The venue is the Museum of the Imagination (Museo de la Imaginación) which is highly interactive and an extremely fun place to visit, no matter what age you are.
It is promoted as ‘the interactive museum of the imagination and optical illusions’, and unlike conventional galleries visitors here are really encouraged to take photographs and touch everything in the building.

The museum urges you to “return to your childhood and plunge head first into the world of illusions.” And honestly, who wouldn’t want to do just that? At the Museum of the Imagination adults feel like children, children become fairy tale characters and the youngest kids have the most fun in a specially equipped playroom under the supervision of caring staff.

The Museum of the Imagination is surprisingly inexpensive, while being educational but also entertaining. It offers a great alternative to time spent at the beach or in the mall, somewhere you can spend a few hours locked in to amusing interactive games and enjoying funny photo shoots, pictures of which can be taken away for the amusement of friends and family.
It promises visual illusions and music ‘that can be heard not only with your ears’, as well as exciting games of light and shadows.

So bring your cameras, your artistry and your inventiveness, and have immense fun no matter what age you are.

All the important information:
Ticket Prices
● Age: 15 to 65 = 10 euros
● Age: 7 to 15 = 5 euros
● Under 7s visit free of charge

Opening Times
● Monday to Sunday
● 10.00 to 22.00hrs
● Opens half days or closed during some national holidays

Address & contact details
Museo de la Imaginación, Calle Martínez Campo 13, Málaga
+34 951 50 13 19

For more details visit the official website: