The new Audi eco-car is coming to Marbella

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If you dream of owning a luxury eco car, there’s nothing quite like sliding behind the wheel of a sleek and elegant Audi.
When it came to choosing a location for the official launch of the slick, new Audi eco-car, Marbella naturally won the vote over a number of other European destinations. We can expect quite a turn out from this prestigious event.

Hosted at Marbella’s Palacio de Congresos from 23 January to 14 February 2019, the international launch is to welcome some 6,000 managing directors to Marbella. During this time the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, will be promoting the town across international media channels, reinforcing a strong association with the world’s most luxury brands.

And if prestige isn’t enough, the launch is expected to bring an influx of visitors and professionals to occupy an estimated 10,000 hotel rooms, right in the middle of Marbella’s low tourist season. A great PR opportunity for the city, visitors will get the opportunity to enjoy some of Marbella’s most iconic spots, from the Old Town to Puerto Banús, as well as experience the excellent tourist infrastructure that Marbella has to offer.

The Mayor is delighted that the event “will not only be valuable to the hotel industry, but also to the catering and commercial sectors, in addition to generating some 260,000 Euros at the Palacio de Congresos.”

We can expect to see around 150 electric cars taking to the streets of Marbella, while the run up to and on-going organisation of the event will extend from 27 December 2018 to 22 February 2019. Clearly a significant amount of work and logistics is in store, including the transportation of these new German beauties across the continent on over twenty 40-tonne lorries.

Marbella continues to be the destination of choice for Europe’s most highbrow events. The town did it with the Davis Cup in February and will continue to do so with the European Olympic Committee to take place next November.

The Audi eco car launch is sure to attract plenty of excitement – what a way to start Marbella’s 2019 calendar!