Tramites Málaga – Gestiones for foreigners

Tramites Malaga - a great resource for English speakers.

It is little exaggeration to say that arriving in Spain to take up residence can at times be a somewhat daunting prospect! Necessary documentation must be attained and knowing just where to start can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with the system – and of course, it must all be mostly carried out in Spanish.

One-stop bureaucracy shop

This is where the aid of a gestor can be invaluable. Literally translated as ‘manager’, there is no equivalent of this role in many European countries, which originated from the days when the majority of the population couldn’t read and therefore needed help with paperwork. A gestor will undertake to deal with almost all administrative bureaucracy on behalf of their clients, such as applying for Residencia, or resident status, obtaining a Spanish driving licence or even completion of income tax forms. It is important to note that they are not qualified as lawyers and any forms you sign, you will be liable for, even if the gestor has prepared them for you. They are, however, of qualified standing and belong to a colegio, or professional body.

Online guidance

The Colegio de Gestores Adminstrativos, aware that the bureaucratic system in Spain can prove difficult to navigate for foreigners, recently launched a website in English in order to explain clearly and succinctly how to comply with Spanish regulations on a host of topics, from explaining how to go about renting out an apartment, validating a foreign driving licence to a comprehensive guide on exactly what is required when first moving to Spain.

The website has been created with the intention of reaching out to English speaking clients and demystifying some of the seemingly complicated procedures that can be undertaken in little to no time with a qualified professional to hand.

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