untitled-8 Wherever you are in the world, buying a property is one of the biggest investments you will make. For this reason sound advice on the local Marbella real estate market, guidance on the sales process and warning of potential pitfalls is always welcome. Altavista Property is perfectly placed to help with all aspects of property sales and purchase in Marbella, but for those who would like the convenience of a guide they can read at home, the Spanish Registrars Association, along with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in Spain (RICS) and the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) have just produced an online advisory leaflet. Although written in English from the viewpoint of a British couple looking to buy real estate in Spain, the step-by-step advice applies equally to all nationalities, whether German, Dutch, Belgian or Swedish. Professional property advice from Altavista Professional agencies such as Altavista Property will always give clients the benefit of their expertise and will help steer both buyers and vendors through the sales process, but a guide such as this is a useful tool for people unfamiliar with the Spanish system, offering advice that goes beyond simply the buying process. Like this website, it contains information on the costs involved and steps to go through when buying a property, but also guidance on such matters as obtaining an NIE number, property registration and even brief advice on inheritance laws. Best guidance on Marbella property The reason the guide has been compiled is the ever-increasing importance of overseas investors to the Spanish real estate sector. In Andalucía some 15 per cent of buyers so far in 2015 have been foreign, with that figure much higher in resort towns such as Marbella. The three organisations that produced the guide recognise the need for easy-to-follow advice for people to look at even before they leave their home countries in search of their dream home in Spain. The idea, according to press notes accompanying the report, is to “guarantee the security of the buyer throughout the process.” This guide can be viewed (in English) by clicking here. Altavista Property offers the best guidance when it comes to buying property in the Marbella area. We always recommend you obtain professional legal advice. Should you be looking to invest in real estate in Marbella please contact us and we can discuss your requirements. untitled-8 (2)