If you are considering a move to the land of sunshine and sangria, you will be joining thousands of expats who now believe that it’s amongst the best places to call home.

The nation has recently reaffirmed itself as one of the top expat destinations in the world. It’s jumped to fourth place out of thirty-three on the latest HSBC global survey (published in July 2019) with 83 per cent of foreign residents saying that their overall wellbeing has significantly improved since becoming expats in Spain.

This is Spain’s highest position since the HSBC survey began 12 years ago. Last year, it ranked 13th, so this year’s ranking reflects a dramatic increase in Spain’s desirability as a place for expats to live and work in.

The survey saw Switzerland, Singapore and Canada taking the lead ahead of Spain, which was closely followed by New Zealand in the Top 5 category.

Spain’s warm weather was described as a main deciding factor by 39 per cent of respondents, while quality of life and personal safety were other important reasons. 61 per cent of respondents said they felt safer in Spain than in their home country, while 56 per cent cited quality of life as their main reason for choosing the country.

The report also highlights the fact that 83 per cent of Spain’s foreign residents felt their overall wellbeing had improved, with 62 per cent deciding to extend their stays indefinitely.

Is there anything bad about being an expat in Spain? Respondents said that Spain is not the best place for career prospects or financial gain. The average annual salary of the respondents living in Spain is €36,000 – that’s around half of the world average of €67,300, but the economy is performing well and career prospects keep improving. Moreover, in an age when you can increasingly work remotely, opting for Spain’s quality of life may offer the best lifestyle option yet.



1203, 2020

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