When you land at the state-of-the-art Málaga International Airport, you might like to cast your mind back to one hundred years ago, when the city’s first arrival touched down in a humble farmer’s field.The airport has since grown beyond recognition into a major transport hub, last year serving over 40 countries and handling around 20 million passengers.

How it all began
Only a few months after the First World War, Pierre Latècoére and Henri Lemaitre landed their biplane on a sugarcane plantation alongside the minor road from Málaga to Cádiz while refuelling en route from Toulouse to Casablanca to deliver airmail. Little did they know that they were starting an air route from Europe to Africa. Málaga International Airport was subsequently born, now the oldest airport in Spain.

The 9th March 2019 saw four planes (including an Easyjet plane from Liverpool) retracing the route of Málaga’s first arrival. The planes were welcomed with an arch of water from two fire engines and applause from friends and relatives. Fortunately, passengers on the EasyJet plane were warned beforehand, to avoid any shock on seeing the waiting fire engines…

Malaga Airport today
Malaga Airport is extremely well connected with other cities across the globe and currently handles over 60 airlines flying to 41 countries and 157 cities.

A newly installed landing strip and on-going upgrades to airport installations – it now boasts the most advanced technology and installations in the industry – keep the airport at the forefront of Spain’s aviation industry. AENA continues to pour money into development projects to maintain the airport as the main access point to southern Spain.

The centenary reminds us of how well connected we really are here on the Costa del Sol. It’s small wonder that the Málaga province has become the touristic and industrial hub it is today.



1203, 2020

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