At Altavista Property we’re not just passionate about Marbella Property we’re also passionate about Marbella. We’ve recently had the pleasure to produce a short, animated video about Marbella. There is so much negative information about Spain and a seemingly endless stream of negative press that we thought we should set the record straight. We’re the last to say everything is hunky dory, but the message brought across in the press is often simplified and one-sided. As people who have lived and worked in the Marbella area for many years we know the local economy and especially the property market very well. The video explains just why we love Marbella, and why the image portrayed in the media isn’t entirely accurate. Take a look at the video – it’s short but we think you’ll find it fun, informative and enlightening! Contact Us now to help us help you find your dream home in this wonderful land of opportunity that is Marbella.