20 11, 2017
Natural Marbella

Marbella has a certain reputation the world over for glamour, the visiting jet set crowd and an exciting, high-octane nightlife. However, there is a side to Marbella that many who come don’t even realise exists: the sheer beauty and abundance of the natural countryside just minutes from the frenetic coastal social-life.
There are many unspoilt trails that wind their way into the stunning Andalusian countryside, where indigenous flora and fauna can be found, some of which only appears in this special part of the world. The Sierra Bermeja mountains have a certain species of pine tree that exists only here and in the mountains of Ronda, while following a trail from the popular La Quinta urbanisation will take you to a chestnut tree in the heart of truly stunning countryside, which is believed to be over a thousand years old!
With the intent of sharing this delightful natural habitat with more people, Marbella town hall is promoting a scheme called, ‘Salidas a la Naturaleza’ or ‘Trips into Nature’. This year various groups that normally work alone on dedicated projects have come together to develop a new version of this scheme, taking into account their own fields of interest. For example Produnas, a group concerned with maintaining the natural integrity of the protected dune area of Las Dunas de Artola, led an excursion to clean up the dune. For this group, it is a continuation of their year round efforts, however this is a great opportunity to get other people involved, raise awareness and help the natural environment. Other trails, hikes and bike rides are also organised, some of which are dog friendly, one of the groups involved being Marbella Canina, who are looking forward to 17 December when a dog walk to the mine at Buenavista is organised.
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