You hear so much negative information about Spain that we thought we should set the record straight. We’re the last to say everything is hunky dory, but the message brought across in the press is often simplified and one-sided. As people who have lived and worked in the Marbella area for many years we know the local economy and especially the property market very well. This means we are all well aware of the country and the region’s problems, challenges and opportunities – where its shortcomings are and what it excels in. As foreigners living here we look at it all with a critical eye and not surprisingly come up with a more balanced picture than that portrayed by journalists writing from their desks abroad or after flash visits – and this is reflected in our video. Of course it is true that the property bubble burst when the financial crisis began, that Spanish banks have had a hard time of it and that the national economy faces tough challenges ahead, but already there are signs of recovery. These are not yet visible across the country but are clearly visible if you know where to look. Spanish exports are up, its top banks and corporations are doing well and the country’s competitiveness is improving. In the property market there are likewise areas where you shouldn’t buy (yet), and others where this is a great moment to look for the right real estate opportunities and invest. Marbella is such a region, and though overall prices have dropped quite strongly since the beginning of the financial crisis they are now levelling off amid growing demand for its properties and lifestyle. In recent years property sales have been edging up, tourism numbers are growing year-on-year, new roads, parks and airport terminals have been built and the area has retained its popularity with those people who can afford to go pretty much anywhere in the world. The higher end of the market is particularly strong, but we know only too well that Marbella is not limited to multi-millionaires as we specialise in finding great quality, great value properties with solid financing at attractive rates. You will have to go elsewhere to find the thousands of unsold ‘distressed’ properties that you hear so much about, but what you will find in Marbella is a good choice of quality properties at prices that are highly attractive. What’s more, they have now stopped dropping, and with demand gradually increasing again they will once again begin the slow but steady upward climb, making this a great time to look for investment opportunities that offer great value and future growth potential. Have a look at our new video – it’s short but we think you’ll find it fun, informative and enlightening!