tennis-sport MarbellaSome Marbella residents were a little surprised this week when they found Novak Djokovic, one of the world’s greatest tennis players, shopping in a popular healthfood store on the Golden Mile. The smiling Serb kindly agreed to participate in a few selfies with locals, which naturally found their way on to social media. He is quite a keen user of social media himself and posted pictures and videos of himselfself training on the bank holiday Monday, 1st May. He wrote, “Working on International Workers’ day hehe. Hope you enjoy this beautiful day!” His Facebook video shows him effortlessly returning shots on the Puente Romano’s clay court in the Marbella sunshine. Djokovic, who is currently ranked as the world’s No. 2 player, has been training in Marbella ahead of the Masters 1000 in Madrid, which starts the second week of May. Although he is a resident of Monaco, Djokovic doesn’t spend much time there, preferring his second home in Marbella when he is not on one of the many ATP tours. Naturally, if you’re playing a tournament in Madrid, then using Marbella as your training base makes perfect sense. The tennis star is very fond of Marbella and when possible practises his tennis and yoga at the Puente Romano Beach Resort and Spa, while also being spotted strolling on the beach with his wife, their son and his parents. Novak is also close to Spanish tennis player turned spiritual guru, Pepe Imaz. Imaz runs the Amor y Paz centre in Marbella and is known for his positive thinking and spiritual coaching techniques that include sending pleasant thoughts to a bowl of rice! Djokovic became close to Imaz because he felt that his performance was dipping after winning the French Open in 2016. The star even took Imaz to the Paris Masters in place of Boris Becker in the same year, although Imaz has in fact been on Novak’s team for some years, so it wasn’t quite as shocking a decision as some of the media have tried to make out, and the tennis ace returned to Marbella to recharge his batteries and work with Imaz after his shock defeat to Spain’s Robert Bautista at the Shanghai Masters recently. Marbella has had a long association with the cream of the tennis world, including Manolo Santana (who runs a club here) and Bjørn Borg, who was a frequent visitor in his heyday. Now we have a star from the new generation of players in our midst, which is good for tennis and great for Marbella. If you would like the chance of enjoying the Marbella climate and lifestyle alongside people such as Novak Djokovic, please contact Altavista Property – you don’t have to be a tennis ace to experience it.