What does 2020 bring to Marbella in terms of modern design?

Modern design in Marbella.

Looking at the new homes built over the past few years, you would be forgiven for thinking that modern architecture and décor equal white. But this isn’t really the case. Firstly, the word modern is a somewhat confusing and transient one that is subject to over-use and even a little abuse.

In the strictest sense, ‘modern’ means ‘of the times’, or even ‘forward looking’, but a modern home built in 1970 isn’t so modern anymore in 2020, and one designed in 2020 will be out of date within a short time too. Usually, we mean ‘new’ when we say modern, so let’s just conclude that modern or contemporary architecture should at least capture the zeitgeist of the era in which it is avant-garde and fresh, and this of course changes with each new epoch.

Modern architecture and décor are therefore above all an expression of style that wishes to explore new technologies, forms and ideas, and naturally this does not limit itself to minimalism or white tones alone. It’s just that the latest evolution of the modern style – which began around 2010 in a journey that traces its roots back over 100 years to the beginning of the 20th century – has been characterised by rectangular, white-toned geometry and minimalist interior décor.

Modern is what you want it to be

This more rigid interpretation of modern architecture and design – which also included lots of window space – is perhaps an expression of an age still fascinated and indeed shaped by the beginnings of a new era in technological development, in which the world goes digital, invents new synthetic materials and marvels at new possibilities. But now, after less than a decade of what some people deem to be cold, sterile living environments, the new movement is towards the inclusion of more natural materials and tones, such as matt yet grained wood; dressed concrete and stone, as well as onyx and marble. With this comes a whole new palette of rich tones and textures that add colour and life to homes and buildings.

Altavista Property is incorporating them into its new exterior designs and interior styling, adding different shades of stone, marble, tiling and glass, as well as increasingly innovative and creative detailing that sets different projects apart. Technology is still central to the process, and continuing to evolve all the time, but a sense of nature and artistry is returning in combination with it.

Bring joy into your home

Interior styling is also undergoing a new burst of excitement, as the organic motifs, textures and uplifting colours of furniture, fabrics, art, light displays, paint and wallpaper create a new play of light, space and a sense of home and wellbeing that we are very excited to work with.

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