Why buy in Estepona?

2201, 2020

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Why Estepona?

A recently released study has identified Estepona as the most attractive location for British property buyers in the Málaga region.
This may appear an unexpected statistic, given the area also encompasses British favourites such as Marbella and Fuengirola, and the beautiful city of Málaga itself, yet to those in the know it will come as no surprise at all.

Why Estepona?

While the local economy is no doubt boosted by tourism, Estepona remains a working Spanish town with an ambiance of its own. Such authenticity is appealing to both permanent residents and those seeking a holiday home in the sun.

The town is far from preserved in time, however, as the mayor of Estepona has reinvigorated its image with his ‘Garden of the Costa del Sol’ project. The walls of the historic centre are garlanded with polka-dot plant pots boasting bright splashes of coloured flowers, and roads are lined with trees and shrubs that bloom all year round.
A project of large-scale mural painting, including the largest mural in Spain, enlivens formerly unremarkable buildings around the town, while plaques of poetry penned by Spanish and foreign poets dot white-washed walls, further enhancing the cultural and aesthetic offering.

As the beating heart of Estepona, the marina demonstrates perfectly the ability of tourists and locals to happily co-exist, so restaurants and bars propose a wide variety of cuisines, with fishermen mending their nets in workshops just metres away.

For those desiring natural beauty, drive just five minutes out of the town centre and the attractiveness of the Andalusian countryside is immediately apparent. The Sierra Bermeja Mountain range that acts as a stunning backdrop to the area is easily navigated by car. Or leave the wheels behind and hike through native pine trees that can only be found in this part of the world.

Altavista Property is delighted to offer some fabulous properties in this area, with luxury apartment complexes as well as villa developments that blend style and natural setting with modern comforts and amenities.
If you are interested in buying property in Estepona, don’t hesitate to talk to us – Estepona’s secret is out and its popularity is only set to grow!