AV-Flags_1515Founded at the heart of the financial crisis, Altavista Property has gone on not just to thrive, but to become one of the real estate companies that is leading Marbella into a new era of design, professionalism and marketing.   It might seem a foolhardy thing to do, founding a real estate company at a time when all was doom and gloom, but Michael Liggan was hardly a star struck novice fresh off the aeroplane. Having grown up in Marbella, he has a very personal and intimate knowledge of this area augmented by a professional career in its real estate market.   “I’m British but regard Marbella as my hometown,” says the young entrepreneur who believed a recession is as good a time as any to start a business, and he was proved right. “After all, most businesses can grow during a boom, but those that put down roots during a downturn and survived difficult conditions really have the stuff to be successful.”   It’s a philosophy that has served him well, for Michael started small but was very focused and alert to the prevailing conditions. “When we entered the market, more businesses were closing down than being opened, and property sales were down, so we specialised in marketing bank-owned developments finished just before the crisis.”   “The banks had many agents to choose from, so our business plan and supporting sales and promotional structure had to be very sound, but ultimately the proof is in the doing and our results earned us a reputation for quality marketing, sales and service in the offering of new developments.” PINO-3 - DIURNO dif tree A strong selling point of the early projects was their discounted prices, but many needed strong marketing and also in many cases finishing and updating, to bring them in line with the latest tastes and standards. “We have always had a keen sense of what buyers want because we listen to our clients, and feed this information back to developers.”   Others might have sat on their laurels and relied entirely on bank properties, but in Marbella they were limited in number so with a keen eye Michael built on Altavista Property’s name as a specialist in promoting new-built developments to collaborate with leading international investment funds in the creation of entirely new projects.   These included the first new property developments in Marbella for some years, and by not only taking responsibility for sales and marketing, but also having an important role in their design and development, Altavista Property can now add landmark modern real estate projects such as La Montesa de Marbella and La Finca de Marbella to its name.   image-gallery-slider02 Now also a property development specialist, Altavista Property is leading the way in giving buyers what they want and creating some of the most successful modern apartments, penthouses and villas for sale in Marbella today. With so much know-how and creativity in house, Altavista Property is one of the pioneers in the revival of the Marbella property sector.   If you are interested in existing or newly released modern homes in Marbella, contact the specialists at Altavista Property.