Spanish PM Reassures Britons Living In Spain

eu-flag-bkgnd2On Thursday 13th October, British Prime Minister Theresa May met with Spanish acting-PM Mariano Rajoy at his official Madrid residence, La Moncloa. It is a meeting of significance for the estimated 310,000 UK citizens who are resident in Spain, and of vital importance to those of us working in the real estate business on the Costa del Sol, one of the regions long favoured by Britons for holiday homes and permanent residence.   The main topic of discussion between the two leaders was, naturally, the impact of the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union and the ways in which it potentially affects Spanish citizens living in the UK, as well as the British living in Spain. The outcomes are also of interest to British citizens who are considering buying a property in Spain in the near future.   Judging by the official statement released post-discussion the outlook for both current British residents and newcomers is a happy one. It said: “British firms in Spain as well as British residents and the “millions of tourists” need not worry.” This is a view supported by Marbella Town Hall. Deputy Mayor, Javier Porcuna, recently spoke in an interview with a Marbella magazine about Marbella’s commitment to British residents and its desire to calm any fears that Britain’s exit from the EU would result in Britons having to leave Spain. Indeed, Sr. Porcuna would like to see British residents become even more involved in Marbella community activities and politics, areas where he feels British input would be highly valued.   There is a great deal of goodwill towards British citizens in the Marbella area and, although nobody quite knows what ‘Brexit’ is going to look like until Britain invokes Article 50, so far the political messages from Spanish politicians are happily positive. Rajoy recently tweeted, “We will work together to preserve the important ties that join Spain and the UK.”   At Altavista Property, we know it has been a period of uncertainty, but this is now beginning to clear and we are confident that Spain remains a welcoming and secure country for existing British residents and newcomers. We have some superb properties available right now, just waiting for British buyers looking for a home in the Marbella sun – please contact us and take a look.