Move to Spain and live longer!

Move to Spain and live longer.

Here is one great reason to move to Spain: the life expectancy in the country is the highest in the European Union and the third highest in the world. That’s a pretty good incentive.

The latest data shows that on average Spaniards live for 83 years and four months, with women enjoying an average life span of 86 years, which is an increase of two years and seven months since 2002. Men by comparison can expect to reach an average 80 years and five months, and while that may be lower than the average for females, it is worth noting that this figure has increased by four years and two months since 2002.

Furthermore, it is expected that within the next two decades the life expectancy figure will rise again to average 86 or 87 years, although this forecasted data has to take into account to what extent the main causes of non-accidental death, such as anything other than old age, might affect the figure.

The University of Washington State conducted the study on world life expectancy, and its forecasts for 2040 suggest that Spanish women may average a 90-year life, if the projections are accurate.

Another study by Eurostat, the EU’s statistics division, also shows that Spain has the lowest mortality rate in the European Union. In 2016 there were 829 deaths for every 100,000 inhabitants, well below the European average of 1,002.

Spain’s traditional diet and a lifestyle that favours outdoor activities, such as the evening stroll with friends and family, have been mentioned as factors that help reduce mortality. Indeed, Manuel Anguita, president of the Spanish Cardiology Society, told Spanish newspaper El Pais this year that Mediterranean countries enjoy a lifestyle that favours longevity.

An article published in The Times in 2018, analysed by El Pais, reviews the various factors that contribute to Spanish longevity compared to the life spans of British people, and you may be surprised at some of the reasons, including the fact that the Spanish language has a more upbeat vocabulary and Spaniards have more, and better quality sex than other Europeans.

Apart from the fact the Costa del Sol has better weather and a fantastic lifestyle, we’d say this is one very compelling reason to contact us and look at some of the fantastic properties we have for sale in Marbella and Estepona.