New Designer Outlet at Plaza Mayor

New designer outlet at Plaza Mayor.

Stylish people have always graced the streets of Málaga, and to keep up with the times, Plaza Mayor, a shoppers’ paradise on the outskirts of the city, is opening a fabulous new multi-brand Malaga Designer Outlet. The Outlet is sure to attract local residents and tourists alike, especially as we approach Christmas.With some 61 stores and four restaurants expected to open in December, final details are being finalised, with designer clothes now hanging on the rails, ready for the grand opening. The Outlet will eventually boast 100 stores, covering an area of 17,750 square meters.

The British-owned designer outlet, originally planned to open on 22 October, is much anticipated. The luxury outlet of Plaza Mayor, which advertised discounts of up to 70% on luxury brands, now hopes that the official unveiling will take place in December. On the planned opening day, some excited shoppers who hadn’t yet heard about the cancelled launch were spotted turning round from the cordoned off Outlet to visit the neighbouring shops in bustling Plaza Mayor.

Why the delay?

Frequent setbacks involving obtaining an opening licence and making the necessary road access improvements to the MA-20 have accounted for the site remaining closed to the public for longer than expected. Improving the roads was a key condition for the granting of planning permission for the 100-store extension.

Then there was the widening of the MA-20 motorway, halted in a legal dispute over who owned the land being developed. Now that the owner has withdrawn his complaint, road-building work can recommence and be completed – just in time for Christmas!

The firm behind the project, McArthurGlen, has said that the shops will open ‘soon’, without offering a specific date as the widening of access roads to the Outlet is still not quite complete. With the licence depending on this work, fingers crossed that the new December deadline will be met.