Diamonds for Christmas in Marbella

Diamonds for Christmas in Marbella.

Marbella is known for its glamour, visiting celebrities and jet set lifestyle, and this Christmas it is taking the idea of ‘luxury’ to another level with a festive tree dressed in diamonds valued at 11,1 million euros.

On 30th November at 18:00hrs, this extravagant five-metre tall tree will be unveiled at the Kempinski Bahía Hotel on Marbella’s New Golden Mile when Father Christmas arrives to turn on the lights and start the annual Christmas Fair. Debbie Wingham, a diamond designer who also creates couture cakes decorated with precious gems and metals, is decorating the tree. Her clients include Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Drake amongst others. Various decorations on the tree will be adorned with real diamonds and jewels; all handcrafted by diamond artist Debbie and her team of artisan associates.

In addition to the tree, an edible art exhibition will allow visitors to the Kempinski’s Christmas Fair an opportunity to sample the same creations as these famous celebrities. The fair, which is held over two days, is open from 12:00 to 20:00hrs and will showcase a selection of handcrafted artisan items; gourmet products such as wine and olive oils; traditional seasonal sweets like Stollen and cakes, as well as mulled wine and hot chocolate.

And that is not all. To celebrate the lavish diamond Christmas tree, the Kempinski is hosting a ‘Diamonds and Champagne’ evening on 28th December with an exquisite cocktail dinner, where one lucky guest will walk away with a diamond worth over 2,500 euros. Each guest will be handed a champagne glass on arrival, and at the bottom of each glass is a diamond. However, only one of the diamonds is real and a certified gemmologist will move through the guests to view each diamond until the real one is found!

Marbella’s Christmas fairs are amongst the highlights of the season, and this one should certainly sparkle and shine this year, thanks to an extraordinary tree dripping in diamonds.

Definitely very Marbella!