The best winter weather in Europe

The best winter weather in Europe.

Winter in the north of Europe is characterised by its cold temperatures, and recently we have seen Storm Brendan crash over Ireland and the British Isles. How lucky we are then to live on the Costa del Sol where a mild winter is the norm, as this January has proved.

Bright blue skies, sunny days and daytime temperatures in the mid to high teens ensure that residents in Marbella and elsewhere on the coast have no need to stay indoors huddled around fires. It may be somewhat cooler at night, but once the sun is high in the sky, it is not uncommon to see people taking a stroll in shorts and T-shirts.

Where else in Europe might you be able to lunch on the beach in January, and need sunscreen? In fact, seaside dining is even more enjoyable at this time of year, simply because the sun is not as hot as in summer, and because it feels like a very special treat; one that you alone are savouring.

The winter weather in Marbella also lends itself to making the most of outdoor activities, and there are many to choose from. Golfers relish the longer daylight hours, as well as the temperatures, and tennis fans needn’t confine their sport to the summer. The sea may seem a little too cold for some, but water sports enthusiasts only need a light wetsuit to overcome that problem.

Many homeowners now have heated swimming pools, which allow them to swim year round, and there are hardy folks who swim daily regardless of the water temperature.

Hiking the many wonderful trails in the foothills and mountains that act as a backdrop to the coast is another outdoor activity that is suited to the winter weather in southern Spain, as is horse trekking. And, winter sports fans have skiing and snowboarding on their doorstep, in the Sierra Nevada.

Regardless of your age, the winter weather in Marbella offers healthier lifestyle options, simply because it entices you to spend more time in the open air. It’s a great reason to have your winters here, and to purchase a property that you can return to again and again.